SMS Marketing Showdown: Champs Sports vs. Foot Locker


In the latest text message marketing showdown, we compare two popular athletic and footwear companies: Champs Sports and Foot Locker.  These brands specialize in the latest footwear, athletic apparel, and sports gear trends. 


Champs Sports vs. Foot Locker: Similarities

Similarity #1: Both Brands Use SMS To Increase App Downloads and Awareness

Both brands use their text marketing plans to alert subscribers about their app and to encourage downloading it. They include a concise message and a link to make their objective clear. 


Similarity #2: Both Brands Use SMS Alerts to Promote New Arrivals

Both brands update their customers about new arrivals using SMS messages. This lets the customers know there are new items to shop and also encourages purchases. 



Similarity #3: Both Brands Use Similar Placement for Link and Call to Action

Champs and Foot Locker place the link at the end of the text message with a clear call to action. This catches the attention of the viewer and makes the call to action clear to the viewer. Both brands also use a link shortener in their messages. 


Champs Sports vs. Foot Locker: Differences


Difference #1: Each Brand Uses A Different Type of Coupon and Message

Champs Sports sends MMS messages while Foot Locker sends almost exclusively SMS messages. Though the actual promotion might be similar between the brands, the presentation differs greatly. 



Difference #2: Each Brand Includes Its Name Differently at the Beginning of the Message

Champs Sports begin their text messages with “CHAMPS SPORTS” while Foot Locker begins theirs with “FTL Alerts”. It is always a good practice to let recipients know who the text is from, so placing your brand’s name at the beginning of the text in any format is important. 

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