Text Message Marketing Comparison: SMS vs MMS


Cyber Monday 2020 brought hundreds of text message marketing examples. Both SMS and MMS messages were used to deliver deals, special promo codes, and savings to recipients. 

Here are two text message marketing examples sent for Cyber Monday 2020- one MMS from Tea Collection and one SMS from Julep

MMS Message: 


The MMS example from Tea Collection contains an image, text, and a link preview. Tea Collection uses a bright purple image with text that shares the special promotions for Cyber Monday. In addition, they have the text below which begins with identifying who the text is from. This text is a short summary of the image above. Finally, Tea Collection closes with a link preview to encourage shopping on their website. 

Tea Collection’s MMS example is a great blueprint for MMS messages. They use additional media (the image) to catch the reader’s attention that would not be possible with a SMS message. Another feature that Tea Collection could have added is a bolded subject line, but this is not always necessary because they identify themselves in the beginning of the message. 


SMS Message:

julep text message marketing example

The SMS example from Julep contains text and a link preview. Julep does not use any additional forms of media because that is not permitted with SMS messages. Julep identifies who is sending the message at the beginning of the text. This is helpful for both SMS and MMS messages. Julep does include a promo code, which can be used with any form of text message marketing. To finish the message, Julep includes a link preview to encourage shopping on their website. 

Julep’s SMS example follows a widely used format of text message marketing. Using a promo code is an additional feature allowed within SMS marketing that can attract recipients to making a purchase with your brand. Julep could have also added an emoji, which is also permitted with SMS messages. 


Both Tea Collection and Julep sent out text messages to encourage shopping with their brand on Cyber Monday 2020. The two messages have similar calls to action, but use different formats. 

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