Text Message Marketing: Why You Need to Start Now


Did you know that 86% of enterprise businesses are using MMS Marketing? 2021 is your year to consider adding this vital marketing tool to your overall marketing campaigns. In addition to the large amount of businesses using text marketing, 82.4% of users also report being more likely to shop at a store that uses an SMS loyalty program.

While the numbers may speak for themselves, it’s also important to note the high volume of smartphone users and how much time is spent on our phones. Wouldn’t it be perfect timing for your text marketing message to pop up right in the middle of our phone time?! 

That’s the goal with text message marketing- click, scroll, and make a purchase. So, why use text message marketing?

  1. SMS Marketing is permission based- this means that businesses expect high levels of engagement and return. Subscribers want to be notified of messages from your brand, so it is likely they will engage with your sent content. 
  2. SMS Marketing has high open rates- text message marketing has a 99% open rate. Compared to email marketing rates of 20%, 99% is a marketer’s dream. 
  3. SMS Marketing is instantaneous- 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent. This means that if a message needs to be immediately delivered to customers, text message marketing is the way to do it! 
  4. SMS Marketing is trackable- each SMS marketing message that’s delivered and opened and every link that gets clicked is trackable. This makes it easy to track changes and maximize success. 

Ready to get started?! Check out SMS Archives now to see thousands of examples and get inspired for your own text marketing plan!