What Can I Send With Text Message Marketing?

what can I send with text message marketing?

What Can I Send With Text Message Marketing? 

While text message marketers have a lot of freedom when it comes to what can be included in SMS or MMS messages, there are still guidelines of what to include. 

There are many best practices for sending text messages to consumers, a few of which include: 

  • Display clear calls-to-action: All text message marketing programs must display a clear call-to-action when consumers sign up, such as: “Get 20% off when you sign up for our text message marketing program.” Consumers must be made aware of what exactly they are signing up for when opting in to receive text messages.
  • Offer clear opt-in mechanisms: Consumers must also consent clearly to opt in to all recurring messages programs. Requiring a customer to enter a mobile phone number does not constitute a compliant opt-in. Instead, customers must understand that they will receive messages at their phone number, and consent to receive those messages.
  • Send opt-in confirmation messages:  A confirmation message must be sent to customers to confirm that they want to receive text messages from a brand. For recurring messaging programs, confirmation messages must include clear opt-out instructions so consumers know how to unsubscribe if they wish to.
  • Acknowledge opt-out requests: Text message marketing providers must acknowledge and act on all opt-out requests. Monitoring procedures help confirm successful opt-out.

While there may be more to it, these four guidelines help text message marketers follow best practices.

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